Diicorp95's website > External links
Russian FIDO meanings dictionary
Me at Old-DOS
BIGGEST COLLECTION of PC/XT software and games
Gutmann method description
FDDVORON.NAME - Web 1.0 blog
x86 Assembly Help Links
musu_pilseta's chat
Downgrade Files Hosting (Russian)
Staroe Radio
Site about latin people
Andrew Lviv's site
FTP File Searcher for old software
Anekdot.ru - site with heavy size of russian jokes
Yaxy.ru - Web 1.0 fairytales and humor
Kulichki.net - Old prototype of today's LiveJournal
Midi.ru - a good russian collection of MIDIs
Bitmidi.com - collection of MIDIs from all over the world
Rusmidi.com - russian MIDIs
DurovLoh - russian VKontakte prototype
OpenVK - ukrainian VKontakte prototype
Music.Lv - Latina music (site 1)
Radar.Lv - Latina music (site 2)
Hit.Lv - Latina music (site 3, in russian)
Folklora.Lv - Latina folklore
VFL - Old russian image hosting
ModArchive - big archive and site of tracker music
ilabramov's abonded site
musu_pilseta's abonded site
Countries.Ru - russian site about all the countries in the world
Belarusskaya Polka - Web 1.0 belorussian library
Folklore.Ee - Estonian folklore
La-Start.Ro - Romanian site catalogue
Latvijas.Daba.Lv - Site about latina nature
Matud.Iif.Hu - Archive about hungarian science
ilabramov's actual site
Marxism-Leninism poets collection
HypnoNarod.RU - collecters and restorators of Web 1.0 websites
NDR of arbrus

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