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Live Disk by Diicorp95

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This software is dedicated for IBM PC with BIOS, not UEFI.

Live Disk - requires 1 floppy disk and 1 CD-R disc.
Floppy disk - main system, CD disc - neat utilites for programmer. Thanks to Nostalgy.Net.Ru!
This Live Disk contains MS-DOS 6.22, CD-ROM driver, disk commander, russification program, some utilites from "Core 8 Rus" Live Floppy with MS-DOS 8.0.
Just write image to floppy, burn a CD, and see Live Disk in action.
I know that appearance of the HTML page is bad now, but I'll make a greater description in future.

Live Disk: floppy (v1.1)
Live Disk: CD (v1.1)

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